The Original Handmade Hanging Plant Rooter Vase

Making our Hanging Vases

Posted by The Brass Butterfly on Jul 8th 2022

Making our Hanging Vases

Making our Hanging Vases - The Brass Butterfly

The process of making our Hanging Rooter Vase starts with hand gluing our vases to a medium brown colored wood base. We polish each vase to give the glass a beautiful shine. We cut and bend our copper coated rod to form the shape of the hanger we are making. Any exposed ends will be ground to remove sharp edges. The rod is than welded together and a brass butterfly is welded to the frame. The brass butterfly will need to be buffed to shine and remove any welding marks. We than bend a hook for each hanger. The hangers and hooks are finished with a polish to prevent tarnishing and discoloration. This process is all done by hand and produces a unique, one of a kind hanging rooter vase.