The Original Handmade Hanging Plant Rooter Vase

Our shop showing our set up to make hanging plant rooter vases

About Us



At Brass Butterfly, we believe that being a plant junkie should be easy.

We design and handcraft Hanging Rooter Vases to make propagating and displaying plant cuttings simple.

Plants hold great benefits for our well-being, allowing us to give back to ourselves and the environment.

Our Rooter Vases will inspire living a plant filled green life.

We have been producing the Original Brass Butterfly Hanging Plant Rooter Vases for several decades.

Providing a product that allows people to enjoy plants with an easy to achieve solution. 

Being a small Vermont business we offer a simply unique way to display and enjoy your plants and flowers.

Our goal is to help people understand that adding plants to their lives with a Brass Butterfly Rooter Vase

will provide happiness for many years to come.