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Tabletop slate base and tube vase with plant and no background
Tabletop Slate Base Test Tube Vase with plant

Tabletop Tube Plant Rooting Vase

Discover the charm of Vermont with our Handcrafted Tabletop Tube Vase. Made from unique Vermont slate, known as a symbol of harmony, this tube vase brings a touch of nature's tranquility to your home. Each piece is unique in color, shape, and texture. Adorned with a copper spiral and a brass butterfly, it's more than just a tube vase, but a statement of art. Featuring a glass tube for displaying plants or flowers, it's crafted with natural materials and the slate is finished with mineral oil for an eco-friendly touch. With protective cork feet, it's a perfect blend of beauty and functionality for any space

Product Overview: 

Overall Measurement: 5" x 9"

Base: approximately 5" x 3" x 3/4-1"

Test tube: 7" x 5/8"

(*Plants not included*)


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