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Rooter Glass
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New and Improved! Now thicker and more resistant to breakage. Replacement Glass fits all classic plant rooters.



4 3/4" x 2 3/4"


Reviews (19)

Rooter replacement vase

Written by Carole Paige on Nov 15th 2020

pleased the replacement seems sturdier


Written by Jody Slominski on Sep 17th 2020

so excited to get my replacement rooter bottles. Broke 2 about 15 yrs ago and finally discovered you on the internet again.. inow I can display mt 2 older holders and I love the new one so much.. ty


Written by Jody Slominski on Sep 17th 2020

so excited to get my replacement rooter bottles. Broke 2 about 15 yrs ago and finally discovered you on the internet again.. inow I can display mt 2 older holders and I love the new one so much.. ty

Glass bulb

Written by Karen on Aug 17th 2020

I received, maybe later than expected, but I don’t think that had anything to do with the shipper, I think that was a USPS problem.

Lovely and Unique!

Written by Amy gammon on Aug 14th 2020

I just love the butterfly h!anger that I bought almost 20 years ago I recently broke the rooting vase and was so happy that I was able to buy a replacement for it! These products are lovely, and customer service is courteous. helpful, and prompt. Thank you!

Rooter glass

Written by Marie Devine on Aug 12th 2020

Since I already had the rooter butterfly, I only needed the glass rooter. I accidentally left water in it when I left for the winter. Since the heat is turned off it cracked! I’m so happy to have been able to get a replacement. Thank you so much.

Replacement vases

Written by Diane on May 4th 2020

Love them! So excited to put some plantings in them!

Much Stronger

Written by Nancy Slomba on Apr 20th 2020

I’ve had several of these over 20 years time. These are much stronger than the others

rooter replacement glass

Written by Judith harrison on Jun 8th 2019

I love these rooters...I have had several over the years...gave one to a friend, lost one in a move...then I couldn't find any.....I have the double of my rooters broke ..the remaining rooter was getting old (10-20 years old)..I was so happy to find The Brass Butterfly site....the 2 new rooter replacements I bought are great..they seem a bit sturdier....the old ones had wooden rings around the top...these are gone now . I think that's a good Idea...they get worn and warped or split after many years...but they would for some be a great 2nd to their fragility when removing them from their stand ...never pull them off ...gently twist side to side while gently pulling them...I've never had one break...I am so glad I was able to find this product again...they make great gifts !!!

Rooted glass replacements

Written by Ginger East on Apr 27th 2019

Very well made. I'm pleased to say that the glass is much thicker,, the neck is bigger for easier ability to accomadate bigger footings, along with ease to pull them out.


Written by P schweigerT on Jul 29th 2017

I broke one rooter from a double I inherited. Glad I ordered two as the new are noticeably heavier and lopsided the rooter frame. I replaced the older with a new rooter bulb as well to balance. While these are sturdier, I do prefer the more delicate older rooters. Truly I was delighted to even find these!

Pleased with replacement

Written by Tonya on Jun 1st 2017

I bought this rooter 12 years ago and when I broke one I never dreamed I would be able to find a replacement.

Perfect replacement

Written by Maurita L. on Mar 29th 2017

I, as others, have an older plant rooter and unfortunately broke one of the rooter vases. I am very pleased with the new vase, it's perfect and the service was great.

Great replacement bulb!!!

Written by Carinne on Mar 26th 2017

I am so happy that I was able to find the replacement bulb. I was so upset when I broke mine, didn't think I would be able to find the piece. It was a perfect fit and super fast shipping!!! Very happy!!!!

Great replacement

Written by Richard on Mar 4th 2017

The replacement bulb and the service was excellent!

great product

Written by Mary L Klingshirn on Feb 11th 2017

I was very happy with the replacement bulb and the service was excellent!

Be very carefull

Written by Henry Oester on Feb 11th 2017

It is very easy to break the glass rooter when pulling it off the metal unit. It fits snug on the pin and when you pull it loose it may hit the upper portion of the metal frame and shatter. The glass that came with our rooter did not have a wooden protective bezel at the top and broke the first time we put it together. I ordered a new replacement glass which had a wooden bezel at the top. Another issue is the metal finish. It was plated before it was welded together, so it has the finish burnt off where it was welded.

Looks great works great!

Written by Lynne Powell on Nov 28th 2016

I have had my rooters over 25 years and I love them. Not only do they look great they also do a great job developing plant roots.

Just what I needed

Written by Carol H on Oct 19th 2016

I bought my rooter about. 35yrs ago. I recently broke the vase and hated to lose use of it. I was delighted to find it at Brass Butterfly at a great price. It came in less than a week too!

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