Easy Plant Propagation

With Our Handmade Hanging Plant Rooter Vase

Hanging Rooter Vase FAQs

Hanging Rooter Vase FAQs - The Brass Butterfly

Q. What kind of plants grow best in a Brass Butterfly decorative hanging plant rooter vase?

 A. Just a few plants that root well are: 

              - Spider Plant

              - Coleus

              - English Ivy

              - Impatiens

              - Philodendron 

              - Pothos

              -Prayer Plant

If you're not sure whether a plant will root in your vase, just give it a try! Take a small clipping and put it in the vase and see what happens. 


Q. Can I use tap water in my hanging plant rooter vase?

A. We recommend using spring water, your plants will benefit from the natural minerals. Well water is also fine since it can add aeration to your plants. Chlorinated city water should not be used.

Q. How often do I need to change the water in my Brass Butterfly decorative hanging vase?

 A. It should take a few weeks to months for the water to need changing, in the meantime, just keep topping off the water. If you are not transplanting from your rooter vase, you should change the water when you notice it is getting dirty.


Q. Where do I hang my Brass Butterfly decorative hanging plant rooter vase?

A. Just about anywhere! Windows are a popular spot, and provides the needed sunlight for your new roots to grow.


Q. How do I clean my glass vase?

A. If you find a need to clean your vase, put a small amount of powdered dishwasher detergent in the glass, add water, shake and rinse.


Q. Why does my Brass Butterfly decorative plant hanging frame have black marks on it?

A. The frames of our plant vases are hand crafted. When the frames are welded it produces a reaction with the metal causing it to turn black. The black marks are a sure way to know your decorative Brass Butterfly hanger is handmade and a one of a kind.


Q. Do you have a Wholesale Catalog I can download and print?

A. Not at the moment but we are working on it. Please contact us, and we can email a wholesale price list.