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Why plant rooters?

During the time that i was planning on my purchase of The Brass Butterfly, and then after, i have been asked more times than i can count, what is a plant rooter? It's actually quite simple. Many houseplants can be started from clippings of older plants. Simply cut off a piece of your favorite plant and place the cut end into the vase of water, and in no time you'll see new roots developing. Once the roots are well established, you can then transplant the cutting to a pot. Some plants do well in just water, such as ivy, and can live for many years in the rooter with minimal care! I have a window in my office with 12 different plant rooters, and many have different varieties of ivy in them. I just love how beautiful the ivy looks, and that it grows and wraps itself around the rooter frame. You can also put decorative glass beads in the vase, which really adds beauty to the rooter when the sun shines through the glass. I have several with light purple glass beads. I just love it! 

Here is a little story i tell people about plant rooters that may put them in a different light. When i was growing up i remember my grandmother had a bay window full of plants. I absolutely adore my grandmother. She is the only biological grandparent that hadn't passed away before i was born. When i was about 18 she decided to move to North Carolina. I was devastated. I visit her as often as i can, and speak with her often over the phone but it just isn't the same. I often reminisce about the days when she was close by, and the old home she used to live in. I remember her plants in the bay window and how much i used to love watering them for her. Now that i have these plant rooters i think to myself how wonderful it would have been to have a clipping form one of her plants. It would of been like having a small piece of her with me. A gift that had meaning to me, was beautiful in my home, and could also be passed on to my children through clippings. How wonderful would that of been? Unfortunately she didn't take the plants with her when she moved, and she now has no clue where they went.

Do you have a loved one that would enjoy a clipping from one of your plants? Maybe you have a grandma with a plant you've seen in her home for decades and would love a piece of?

It puts a new light on plant rooters, doesn't it?