The Original Handmade Hanging Plant Rooter Vase


Posted by The Brass Butterfly on Jul 5th 2021

What is a Rooter?

A rooter is used to propagate new plants from healthy existing plants. Using our rooter vase and fresh spring water you can easily root various plant clippings. Our handblown glass vase is perfect for …

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Posted by The Brass Butterfly on Jun 14th 2021

Enjoy Your Hanging Rooter Vase

Bring your outdoor plants and flowers inside with a Hanging Rooter Vase. You can fill your house with the fragrance of lilacs or watch your peonies bloom in your Hanging Vase. Don't wait until it is t …

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Posted by The Brass Butterfly on Apr 20th 2021

Let The Rooting Begin

BEGINNING THE PROCESS:Fill the glass vase approximately 2/3 full. Always use tepid water. Select a cutting from your favorite plant. Cut just below the leaf joint and remove all the lower leaves that …

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