Easy Plant Propagation

With Our Handmade Hanging Plant Rooter Vase

Posted by The Brass Butterfly on Jul 2nd 2022

New Beginnings With The Brass Butterfly

New Beginnings With The Brass Butterfly - The Brass Butterfly. And so the story begins.... with 2020 in the rear view and the opportunity for 2021 to be a year of hope, my husband and I decided to purchase The Brass Butterfly.  We are longtime Vermont business owners with a vision of branching out and bringing The Brass Butterfly into the 21st century. We are very excited to showcase and share some new and original handmade hanging plant rooter vases. With may different designs in stock and new ideas, we are sure you will find our products a welcome addition to your home or garden.  We are looking forward to carrying on The Brass Butterfly tradition and hope that you will be part of that!